Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Helping You Recover From Surgery

Any form of major physical surgery can involve a long recovery. Come see us- we’ll help you through it.

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Our treatments can restore mobility to damaged joints or ligaments after serious surgeries like:

  • ACL or Other Ligament Damage
  • Carpal Tunnel Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Post Hip, Knee or Shoulder Replacement
  • Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Spinal Surgery

Located in SW Calgary On the Corner of Southland & Elbow Dr

What To Expect After Surgery

Recovery Can Be Challenging - Let Us Help

The first few months following a major surgery can be a serious challenge. Most will find reduced mobility and some pain. That period is very important to recovery. As you find yourself able to engage in light activity, consult your physician. In cases of major joint replacement surgery, your doctors may have created a recovery plan for you. Come see us and we will review it together.

You will be faced with the task of teach the particular joint of muscle how to move again. Muscles can become tense and contract when unused. If you throw yourself too heavily into physical activity, you may worsen your condition. Recovery is a gradual process that cannot be rushed.

Working together, we focus on improving mobility, increasing your flexibility, and gradually getting you moving again!

How Physiotherapy Helps Your Recovery

We Work One-On-One With You

Our post-surgery rehab begins in a similar way to standard physiotherapy. Our initial assessment will include a review of your doctor’s prescribed recovery plan. We review your doctor’s notes thoroughly to ensure we properly understand the nature of your injury and procedure. We want to ensure that the recovery plan is understood and adhered to. 

The overall goal of physiotherapy is improve physical health through the restoration of mobility to an affected area. Treatment focuses on specific exercises that are designed to activate damaged or seldomly used muscles in the body. They restore circulation and the transmission of nutrients to muscles throughout the body. Exercises are meant to be gradually increased in intensity, and repetition.

You are essentially teaching your muscle or joint how to move again. Our treatment can also be combined with acupuncture and massage. Both stimulate nerves to relieve pain and relax muscles. We will put together a treatment plan that works for you. Our compassionate team wants to see you get back to being you.

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Our Services

How Can We Help You?


Through targeted needling we can reduce inflammation, ease pain, and help the body heal.

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Massage Therapy

A massage not only feels good, but encourages bloodflow throughout the area promoting both healing and rehabilitation.

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Motor Vehicle Injuries

An auto accident introduces tremendous stress on the body. If you're hurting, we can help.

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Physiotherapy Services

Utilizing multiple treatment modalities we get to the root of your pain. Millions of Canadians rely on effective physio to help them move and feel better.

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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Improving mobility, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain are the prime objectives of post-surgery physiotherapy.

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Sports Injuries

Whether your injury is major or minor, getting hurt on the field is frustrating. We can help get you back in the game.

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Our physiotherapy clinic is located in SW Calgary, on the corner of Elbow Dr and Southland Dr. There is plenty of parking on-site.


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"I compete in submission grappling, and have been injured from it. Whenever I am really sore I know I can call these guys to help me feel better! They really are amazing!"

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